How to Book Outstation Rental

While Cablo provides very simple and easy to book your trip for outstation. There is many way to book our curated outstation rentals.

The Curated outstation rentals provides you amazing experience with our best in class Drivers , High quality vehicle and Custom Trip planning services along with all the do and don’t for the city of your visit.

The Outstation car rental can be book with cablo either by selecting our curated and custom car rental packages range of Same day nearby location visit to Multi days multi cities and multi state tour plan  to your own set of destination and tour location to start with.


Once you choose your location and date , then you can choose the vehicle as per number of available people you are traveling. Cablo is only outstation rental company with more than 55+ Model of vehicle available for 650+ outstation location rentals to choose from.

After the selection of vehicle you can confirm your booking by making payments either full amount in advance or 30% advance as required.

There is many way to make payments, you can choose your prefer mode of payment by selecting the payment model like Credit card, Debit Card, net banking, UPI payments, Wallet Payments and more option keep adding in the payment mode for easy to handle and process your Payments.


The Intuitive design of cablo outstation booking is keep in mind all the aspect of booking process can be completed with 3 Minutes or less then that for anyone.


Cablo is a true Omani-Channel Car rental services , so wherever you left at one channel you can catch the same and continue on another channel as well.

for example when you start a booking on mobile app and then before making payment you left the same, but after some time you want to confirm the booking.

In such a scenario you do not need to start from the first screen instead you can directly go to the same area and check your drafted booking and then continue.

Even more , if you prefer to get book your trip over phone, you can contact our customer Excellence advisor and they will assist you with further booking process.

You can continue your booking with same detail over desktop as well with your login and then just last step to complete the booking.

We are coming with Chatbot Booking process as well so while on move or using any social media like twitter, Facebook Messanger or Whatsapp you can continue the booking on that screen as well.

Let share your experience and idea of what we need to improve to make this product a world number One Outstation car rental services for everyone.



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